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Title: Story Ideas Misc.  Category: Writings

Written: --  Pages: 191



Part 1 -  Detailed story notes for a boy’s novel (written 1956). The story itself is not greatly described but the cultural and historical background of the setting is in great detail.

Part 2 -  “American Dream, Final Phase”, includes 23 written manuscript pages of the beginning of the story and many detailed notes and outline notes.

Part 3 - story notes for a story that appears to have ultimately turned out to be “Menace From Earth”

Part 4 - Scattered pages and notes for other story ideas.

Part 5 - notes for a novel, “The Borrowed Body”. The cyclical nature of the story echoes “All You Zombies” but is quite a different tale. 

Part 6 -  Outline for an adult novel (from 1955) titled “The Sky Brides”. 

Part 7 - notes and first 13 pages of manuscript for novel “Bounty Planet (there are notes about this story idea elsewhere).

Part 8 - notes (from 1953) for “The Natives are Friendly: Starship Botany Bay”. 

Part 9 - Articles about Mark Twain.

Part 10 - Handwritten notecards with quotes for/by Lazarus Long and/or Adam Selene. 



CORR046 - Notes and Story Ideas

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