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Title: Correspondence 1956-1958  Category: General

Written: 1956-1958  Pages: 1,118



Correspondence, mostly semi-personal with casual friends and acquaintances. Some with more close friends. Lower volume business discussions that didn't merit their own file might also appear here. There are also some fan letters and the return correspondence from the Heinleins. Some family letters. Christmas and birthday cards and other cards scattered throughout. File is sorted by Alpha on last name of correspondent. 


Part 1, 269 pages, continuing similar correspondence. A-G.   Highlights include:  Isaac Asimov.  Robert discusses the firing of G. Harry Stine from the ICBM program because of public remarks made after the Sputnik lauch with Rear Admiral Rawson Bennett, who was in charge of the Office of Naval Research at the time. Arthur C. Clarke, Ted Carnell, John W. Campbell, Sprague de Camp & Catherine de Camp, Hermann Deutsch, Philip Jose Farmer. Letter to Henry Gibbons, chief engineer of Chance-Vought, about the spacesuit used by Kip in "Have Space Suit --Will Travel". Letter re Stine firing to head of Air Force research, H. Franklin Gregory.

Part 2, 214 pages, continuing similar correspondence. H.   Highlights include:  Family correspondence of the Heinlein clan. 

Part 3, 330 pages, continuing similar correspondence. I-Q.   Highlights include:  Damon Knight, Earl Kemp. Extended letter from Robert to Knight at pp 50-59 discussing many of the leading figures of science fiction at the time in the context of discussing Knight's "In Search of Wonder". Correspondence concerning the sudden death of Cyril Kornbluth, and the Heinleins contributing funds for the relief of his family. Judith Merril, Cal Laning, Fritz Lieber thanking Robert for the dedication of "Citizen of the Galaxy" to him. Willy Ley, 

Part 4, 305 pages, continuing similar correspondence. R-Z.   Highlights include:  Correspondence with Mark Reinsberg about Robert's lecture at the University of Chicago ("Science Fiction: it's Nature, Faults and Virtues"). G. Harry Stine, Thomas Stimson, first letter from Clifford D. Simak, Ted Sturgeon, A. E. van Vogt, Jack Williamson. Robert to Dr. Wynberg at 260-262 re "Tunnel in the Sky", addressing at length his beliefs on education and the importance of math. A. P. White (Anthony Boucher).


CORR084 - Correspondence 1956-58

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