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Title: Double Star - Novel

Written: March, and April 1956 Pages: 664



Part 1, 219 pages, draft of mss with multiple alternate titles, and numerous hand-edits and cross-outs.

Part 2, 220 pages, draft of mss, no edits.

Part 3, 225 pages, draft of mss with only technical edits. last 9 pages are an article about “Double Star” (no author listed).



Published serially in Astounding in February, March, and April 1956; published by Doubleday in 1957; new issue by Gregg Press with introduction by Joe Haldeman in 1978; Issued by SFBook Club as part of A Heinlein Trio.Excerpt published in Mars, We Love You (ed. Jane Hipolito and Willis E. McNelly, Doubleday, 1971.


Notes: Working title: I Should Have Listened.

OPUS 122 - Double Star

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