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Title:  Inside Intourist - Article

Written:  May 1960  Pages: 119



File contains 2 short manuscript drafts titled “So You Are Going to Russia”. Longer manuscript titled “Inside Intourist”. Manuscript titled “How to Have Fun in Russia”. An intermediate length article, “Inside Intourist”.



The original version was about 2400 words. Heinlein expanded it to about 8800 words and it was offered around with no success.  In 1979 he cut revised it to about 5,000 words for inclusion in Expanded Universe.  It has never been published anywhere else.


Notes: Alternate title “So You Are Going to Russia” Written in Stockholm in May 1960, immediately after getting out of the Soviet Union, their trip cut short by the international crisis kicked off by the Gary Francis Powers U-2 incident.

OPUS 138 - Inside Intourist

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