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In 2003, the Heinlein Archives started as a cooperative project between The Heinlein Prize Trust and the

UC Santa Cruz Archives. 

Recently, we have updated the site to simplify the order process and to add new materials on a quarterly basis. 

We hope you enjoy the new format and look forward to bringing you new and exclusive Heinlein content for

years to come. 



In this section, we will keep you updated on additions to the Archives, including any future changes to the site. Transferring the Heinlein Archives is a big task, and we plan to have the Archives complete by the end of November 2023. Below is a basic timeline of events showing the Archive development phases. 


The Heinlein Opus Manuscripts 

This section includes digital copies of the entire Opus Manuscripts of Robert A. Heinlein in downloadable PDFs for research and academic purposes. The manuscript files include Heinlein's files of all his published works with his notes, research, early drafts, and edits of manuscripts to the final printed form. These files provide both a look at Heinlein's creative process and add insights into his intent and the meaning of his stories. 


The Heinlein Correspondences  

This section includes digital copies of Robert Heinlein's correspondence with editors, fans, and other authors. Correspondence categories include General Correspondence, Personal letters, Fan Mail, Business letters, and  Agents. Over 500 files of Heinlein, letter reading, enjoyment! 


The Heinlein Photo Albums and Scrapbooks

This section features personal and family photos of Robert and Virginia Heinlein from the 1900s and features never-before-published scrapbook collections of Robert's life in Annapolis. With over 100 photo albums and 22 scrapbook collections, you can view Heinlein photos organized by categories like Travel photos, Annapolis-Navy, Family History, and Movie sets. 

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