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Robert & Virginia 



Robert Heinlein is the most enduring and influential American writer of speculative fiction. He published over one hundred novels, short stories, and articles and won six Hugo awards. His work has been adapted into four movies and five television series, with options out on multiple other projects. Over twenty years after his death, most of his books are still in print in many languages, and his influence can be seen in the writings of many influential authors today.


The Virginia Edition collection was named for Robert's wife, Virginia, in recognition of her integral role in his work. As wife, business manager, and caretaker, Virginia shepherded him through illness and trumped death repeatedly. She was also his collaborator. She vetted and expanded on story ideas, helped with research and calculations, and served as the first reader and final judge of everything that left their home. With her contribution, Heinlein's work was more vibrant, nuanced, and prolific.

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