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Title: Blassingame Correspondence Early 70's  Category: Agents  

Written: Early 1970s  Pages: 1000



Part 1: Business correspondence from the 1970s, mostly (but not exclusively) in the 1971-1973 range. Predominately in a descending date order (i.e. more recent first). Highlights include: Agent Lurton Blassingame. Correspondence regarding TIME ENOUGH FOR LOVE. Letter noting permission for University of Oregon to include correspondence with Heinlein's in Blassingame collection. Discussion of response to Alexei Panshin re HEINLEIN IN DIMENSION and other matters in a letter from Robert to Lurton Blassingame, Sep 16, 1973 pp 94-102; letter also contains Robert's first mention of GRUMBLES FROM THE GRAVE. Discussion of arrangements for Forrestal Lecture at Annapolis and subsequent publication in Analog.

Part 2: Business correspondence from 1970s, August 9, 1972 to Dec 21,1971 in primarily (but not exclusively) descending order.  Highlights include: Agent Lurton Blassingame. And various publishers. Correspondence with David Gerrold re "Trouble with Tribbles". Blassingame to Ginny re unknown "unpublished short" at pg 54.. Occassional progress reports on writing of TIME ENOUGH FOR LOVE. Review of STARMAN JONES play at Goodman Theater. Fred Pohl re "illegal" shipments of Heinlein books to England.

Part 3: Business correspondence from 1970s, Variety of dates from late 1973 into 1975. Majority are Spring/Summer of 1974. .Primarily (but not exclusively) descending order.  Highlights include: Agent Lurton Blassingame. And various publishers.  Letter from Ginny to Lurton talking about Robert writing a long letter to a biographer of Admiral E. J. King on his memories of King. Discussion of Jerry Pournelle and Lary Niven visit to celebrate publication of MOTE IN GOD'S EYE. Discussion of dinner with cartoonists, including Charles Schultz.  Various references to revised and expanded "Paul Dirac, Anti-matter, and You".  Robert to Lurton on trying to force publishers to take responsibility for informing authors of books going out of print for future generations of authors, including several personal anecdotes, pp114-120

Part 4: Business correspondence from 1969 and 1970, .Primarily (but not exclusively) descending order. Highlights include: Agent Lurton Blassingame and various publishers. Robert (still signing "Bob") to Lurton Feb 4, 1969, various businees matters and "Stranger" fans, pp 8-11. Robert Silverberg re inclusion of "Roads Must Roll" in SFWA Hall of Fame anthology. Would appear that transition to "Robert" from "Bob" was was well in progress in 1969. Letter from Robert to Lurton, June 4, 1969, proposing famous "postcard replies" method to replying to fan mail that is overwhelming them. Also includes Robert fretting (unnecessarily as it turned out) about being excluded from North American Rockwell Apollo 11 events, and other matters, pp 57-61. Robert to Lurton, June 13, 1969, continuing to worry about fan mail but (temporarily) putting postcard response method aside. Robert to Lurton, Nov 12, 1969 (marked "Day 116, Year One", i.e. post moon landing), describing Houston trip for moon landing, Playboy payment to Ed White Memorial Fund arranged by Robert and Virginia, and other matters. pp 92-96. Various correspondence re progress on I WILL FEAR NO EVIL and seialization in GALAXY. Letter from Lurton Aug 25, 1969 that "STRANGER is selling more rapidly than ever". Various references to Robert's near-fatal bout of peritonitis in January 1970 and recovery. References to Playboy interview (later published in Oui) difficulties. Ginny to Lurton, Jan 16, 1970 re refusing to discuss STRANGER in relation to Tate murders by Manson family as some press outlets had speculated. Offers to refund Playboy payment, pp 240-243.





CORR022 -Blassingame Correspondence Early 70's

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