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Title: Condolence Letters   Category: Personal/Writings 

Written: 1988  Pages: 1,535



These are condolence letters and cards sent to Virginia Heinlein after Robert’s death. It is a difficult file to read as the grief in the letters is quite powerful, but also many beautiful sentiments are expressed. Letters from friends, family, and fans are all mixed together. Letters are sorted alphabetically.


Moments from the condolence letters:


“I noted one error in the AP obit. It stated that you survived him and that you and he had no children. The writer was mistaken. There’re millions of us.”


“Robert Heinlein showed me the stars as an adolescent, and gave me the means to reach them as an adult. I’m still reaching. I’ll meet him there, one day.” by a NASA flight controller"


Part 1, 300 pages, fan correspondence A-D


Part 2, 302 pages, fan correspondence D-H


Part 3, 296 pages, fan correspondence H-M


Part 4, 301 pages, fan correspondence M-S


Part 5, 336 pages, fan correspondence S-Z –file ends with the last 46 pages being a publication sent by the Church of All Worlds





CORR028 - Condolence Letters

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