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Title: George Warren Letters  Category: Agents

Written: 1979-1987  Pages: 1,316



Part 1, 200 pages, 1979-1987 correspondence between Ginny and George Warren. The correspondence begins with formal discussion of publishing (with many interesting tidbits about the publishing business and those in it, agents, publishers, and fellow authors), and evolves into a personal correspondence. Most letters are 1979 with some 1981 and 1982, with a scattering from other years to 1987.

Part 2, 200 pages, 1987, 1986, and scattered 1979 correspondence between Ginny and George Warren. Includes copies of a correspondence between Warren and William F. Buckley. Ginny’s side of the correspondence is not included. 

Part 3, 288 pages, 1984, 1982, 1983, 1987 and a few scattered other years. George Warren’s side of the correspondence only.

Part 4, Page 689-974, Panshin correspondence with RAH, also copies of Panshin’s correspondence with others (copied to RAH) including Lurton Blassingame. Panshin publications and articles about RAH.

Part 5, Page 975-987, photos of Chris (? – see folder page 975)

Part 6, Page 988- 1010  “A Programme for Interstellar Exploration” by Robert L. Forward

Part 7, Page 1011-1048, research articles by Thomas C. Van Flanders on gravity.

Part 8, Page 1049-1122, “Far Out Physics”, “Anti-Matter Propulsion” by Hughes Research Labs, Dr. Robert L. Forward 

Part 9, Page 1123-1316, a hodgepodge of stories and research articles.



CORR044 - George Warren Letters

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