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Title: Story Ideas Misc.  Category: Writings

Written: --  Pages: 286



Part 1 - Ginny’s earthquake predictions?

Part 2 - Ideas for a boy’s novel from 1955—earth conquered by aliens titled “The Day of the Rats”, page 1462 is a strange one page part of a letter or narrative with a lot of RAH-isms in it that may or may not have been written by RAH talking about a young man having sex with is mother and the nature of whoring and honest work, page 1463 is a story idea suggested by Ginny about orphaned kids on a colony planet, 1464 is a RAH handwritten story idea called “The Hunter Hunted” about an alien invasion, 1525-1552, is manuscript titled “In One Line By Heinlein” compiled by Bob Bowers of good one-line bits from RAH’s works) Pages are an absolute hodgepodge of research articles, clippings, an occasional letter or story note.

Part 3 - story beginning and notes for “Water, Water Everywhere” about ‘warm ice’ and a dry planet (sounds a bit like Dune in basic concept)

Part 4 - notes for “The Prisoner of Zenda in Reverse”, this is an outline of a story about the Shipstone company. Elements of Thorby from “Citizen of the Galaxy” come into the story. The history and nature of Shipstone is detailed. 

Part 5 - handwritten notecards for a satirical novel titled “The Amendment”. Not extensive, nor detailed. Partial outline.

Part 6 - manuscript of never-published Heinlein story “Ghost-to-Ghost Hookup”. 13 pages, story incomplete. 

Part 7 - Manuscript of never-published Heinlein story “The Natives are Friendly”. First page of manuscript and one page of handwritten notes.



CORR045 - Story Ideas Misc.

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