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Title: Jim Baen/Susan Allison Letters  Category: Agents

Written: --  Pages: 512



Part 1 - Predictions for 1981 (not written by RAH).

Part 2 - Correspondence with Jim Baen and Susan Allison, mostly concerning “Expanded Universe”

Part 3 -  Correspondence with Berkley Books and Putnam about various reprint publications, and publication of “The Cat Who Walks Through Walls”. Ends with one fan letter.

Part 4 - Eastern Michigan University awarding RAH Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree.  

Part 5 - Alexandria Literary Publishing in Moscow, their information brochure and a letter to Ginny talking about publishing and piracy in the USSR.

Part 6 - NASA description of honors info.

Part 7 - calendar pages with birthdays of friends listed.

Part 8 - Hodgepodge including Leadville mining booklet, 250 Ways to Make Candy, info on Japanese suicide traditions, 

Part 9 - Letter canceling film rights to “Stranger”, contracts and other materials relating to “Strange In a Strange Land”. 

Part 10 - Verbatim asking for article. 

Part 11 - Exchange of Correspondence with Putnams about various publications.

Part 12 - A couple letters, fan letters, and article by a small Australian press. 



CORR047 - Jim Baen/Susan Allison Letters

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