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Title: Requiem 2 - Correspondence with Campbell  Category: Business/Agents

Written: 1932 - 1948  Pages: 778



Part 1, 199 pages, begins with correspondence with John W. Campbell, first an acceptance letter for “Life-line” followed by a string of rejections. The correspondence becomes more personal by and by. 1931-Feb. 1941

Part 2, 203 pages, correspondence with Campbell, Feb. 1941-Nov. 1941. Ends with a 14 pages letter by RAH synopsizing “Beyond This Horizon” as a proposal. 

Part 3, 197 pages, correspondence with Campbell, Nov. 1941-Nov. 1942. Talk of science fiction turns to talk of war. There’s a letter about L. Ron Hubbard and his war service. 

Part 4, 177 pages, correspondence with Campbell, Nov. 1942-Aug. 1948 , as late as Oct. 1943 RAH says he tried to join the Merchant Marine so as to serve on a ship. They rejected him because of the TB. Among other ideas for new weapons to fight the war, they talk about one notion about spraying poison ivy on Germany, as there is none there and so they wouldn’t recognize it. The frequency and length of letters falls off sharply after Jan. 1946 when a dispute arose between them over the mixing of  business and personal letters and issues. 



CORR058 - Requiem 2 - Campbell

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