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Title: Correspondence 1952  Category: General

Written: 1952  Pages: 1,060



Correspondence, mostly semi-personal with casual friends and acquaintances. Some with more close friends. Lower volume business discussions that didn't merit their own file might also appear here. There are also some fan letters and the return correspondence from the Heinleins. Some family letters. Christmas and birthday cards and other cards scattered throughout. File is sorted by Alpha on last name of correspondent. 


Part 1, 278 pages. A-C Highlights include: Forry Ackerman, Robert Bloch, Ted Carnell, Bill Corson, Robert Cornog, Arthur C. Clarke regarding a visit to the U.S., John W. Campbell.

Part 2, 299 pages, continuing similar correspondence. D-H  Highlights include: Sprague de Camp, Catherine de Camp, family correspondence of the Heinlein clan.

Part 3, 263 pages, continuing similar correspondence. I-Q  Highlights include: Willy Ley, Cal Laning, Elma LeCron (Wentz) re a residual payment for "Beyond Doubt". Engraved invitation, requesting RSVP, to appear on Edward R. Murrow's "This I Believe" radio program at 696-698. Judith Merril, Irving Pichel, Frederik Pohl.

Part 4, 220 pages, continuing similar correspondence. R-Z  Highlights include: Thomas Stimson of Popular Mechanics re an article on the automation built-in to the Heinleins' Colorado house. George O. Smith and Dona Smith. G. Harry Stine, including an embarrassing incident where Arthur C. Clarke was initially turned away for security reasons from a rocket test in New Mexico, but later was allowed to visit the base. Some misfiled letters from Robert to Sprague de Camp. California Assemblyman Ernest O. Voigt. Jack Williamson.



CORR081 - Correspondence 1952

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