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Title: Elsewhen - Novelette

Written: May-June  1939    Pages: 147



File contains submission notes for “Elsewhere” (ultimately titled “Elsewhen”), also titled “Patterns of Possibility.” Typewritten manuscript of “Elsewhen” with extensive black-marker editing (words and phrases blacked out, some handwritten edits, some block sections crossed out but still visible). Typewritten manuscript of “The Patterns of Possibility” by Lyle Monroe with numerous hand-edits. Typewritten manuscript of “The Patterns of Possibility” with notation that it was published as “Elsewhere” in different form by Caleb Saunders, has numerous edits and crossed-out sections. Published version, “Elsewhere” by Caleb Saunders, in Astounding, September 1941.



Astounding SF, September 1941 as "Elsewhere" by Caleb Saunders. Collected into Assignment in Eternity, 1953; Other Anthology appearance in Off The Main Sequence: The Other Science Fiction of Robert Heinlein (ed. Andrew Wheeler; introductions by Greg Bear and Michael Cassutt: SFBC, October 2005).


Notes: Alternate titles: “Patterns of Possibility”, “Impossible!”

OPUS 005 - Elsewhen

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