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My Object All Sublime - Nevelette

Written: June 1939/80 pages


File contains submission notes for “My Object All Sublime.” Typewritten manuscript for “My Object All Sublime” by Lyle Monroe with some hand-edits. Typewritten manuscript for “My Object All Sublime” by Robert Heinlein. Partial, out-of-order manuscript for story with some hand-edits and revisions. Published story in Future and Science Fiction (?), February 1942.


Published Future + SF February 1942 as by ALyle Monroe@]Other Anthology Appearances: Off The Main Sequence: The Other Science Fiction of Robert Heinlein (ed. Andrew Wheeler; introductions by Greg Bear and Michael Cassutt: SFBC, October 2005)


Note: Missing Page:"The last page of My Object from 1942 Future is missing. Looking at the last page (95) and comparing it to the second typed manuscript in the Opus file (pages 40-56 of the .pdf), I find only one word difference between what \"Lyle Monroe\" submitted and what Future published. Fred Pohl added \"of the sedan\" to make \". . and gets the driver of the sedan right in the eye.\" to the second sentence of the paragraph starting \"This is too much for Cuthbert.\" near the end of the typed manuscript, on page 55 of the .pdf delivered to you."

OPUS 006ve - My Object All Sublime

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