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Title: If This Goes On - Novella

Written: May-August  1939    Pages: 247



Part 1 - 198 pages, contains submission notes for “If This Goes On”, also titled “Vine and Fig Tree”. Copy of August 16, 1939 letter to Campbell submitting story. Numerous non-sequential manuscript pages, some typewritten some handwritten. Typewritten manuscript version titled “The Captains and the Priests” Part I, parts II and III retitled “Vine and Fig Tree (not complete manuscript). Another typewritten manuscript, untitled, that appears to be complete with numerous hand-edits in part I. 


Part 2 - 76 pages, Published story in Astounding, February 1940.



Published in Astounding SF February-March 1940; revised and expanded in 1953 to ca. 55,000 words (short novel) for the Future History collection Revolt in 2100 (1953) and carried forward to The Past Through Tomorrow(1967)


Notes: Alternate titles: “Vine and Fig Tree”, “The Captains and the Priests”

OPUS 008 - If This Goes On

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