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Title: Beyond Doubt - Short Story

Written: July, December 1939    Pages: 71



Beyond Doubt, Lyle Monroe + Elma Wentz

File contains a typewritten manuscript with numerous handwritten edits. Typewritten manuscript that appears to be a final draft, marked as “by Robert Heinlein and Elma Wentz”. Article: “A Study of Beyond Doubt” by Bill Patterson.



Published in Astonishing Stories, April 1941, as by ALyle Monroe and Elma Wentz and never collected, though it has been anthologized twice]; Anthology Appearances in Beyond the End of Time (ed. Fred Pohl, Permabooks 1952); Off The Main Sequence: The Other Science Fiction of Robert Heinlein (ed. Andrew Wheeler; introductions by Greg Bear and Michael Cassutt: SFBC, October 2005)


Notes: Co-written with Elma Wentz/Miller/LeCron. By Lyle Monroe and Elma Wentz

OPUS 011ve - Beyond Doubt

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