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Title: The Roads Must Roll - Novelette

Written: December 1939-January 1940    Pages: 191



Future History - File contains submission notes for “Road-Town”. Research article about ‘ride belts’ in New York subway. Four handwritten pages of sketches and calculations as to how the ‘roads’ work. A draft of the song “Caissons go rolling along” “(Over Hill, Over Dale”) hand rewritten to be the Road Song. Handwritten draft of manuscript of story on the back of scratch paper that appears to be mostly ‘Instructions to Precinct Workers’. Ten pages of notes and out-of-order hand-edited manuscript pages. Typewritten manuscript with numerous hand-edits (on the back of scratch paper), pages appear to be renumbered for anthology collection (“The Man Who Sold the Moon”). Article, “A Study of The Roads Must Roll” by Bill Patterson. “The Roads Must Roll” published story in Astounding, June 1940.



Published Astounding SF June 1940; collected into The Man Who Sold the Moon (1950) and carried forward to The Past Through Tomorrow (1967)]. Other Anthology appearances: Adventures In Time and Space (ed. Raymond J. Healy & J. Francis McComas, Random House, 1946); More Adventures in Time and Space (ed. Raymond J. Healy & J. Francis McComas, Bantam, 1955); The Robert Heinlein Omnibus (Sidgwick & Jackson/SFBC, 1958); Journeys in Science Fiction (ed. Richard L. Loughlin and Lilian M. Popp, Globe Book Co., 1961); Tomorrow x 4 (ed. Damon Knight, Gold Medal, 1964); Great Science Fiction Stories (ed. Cordelia Titcomb Smith, Dell, 1964); A Robert Heinlein Omnibus(Sidgwick & Jackson, 1966); The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Vol. 1 (ed. Robert Silverberg, Doubleday, 1970); Present Imperfect (ed. Leo B. Kneer, Scott, Foresman & Co., 1973); The Best of Robert Heinlein (ed. Angus Wells, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1973); Neutron Stars (ed. Gregory Fitz Gerald, Fawcett, 1977).


Notes: Alternate title: “Road-Town”

OPUS 012ve - The Roads Must Roll

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