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Title: Magic, Inc. - Novella

Written: March-April 1940    Pages: 335



Part 1 - 111 pages, contains notecards for Magic, Inc. (on back of old address cards—50 pages =25 notecards). 13 pages of hand and typewritten notes and manuscript fragments. 


Part 2 - 140 pages, contains typewritten manuscript of Magic, Inc./The Devil Makes the Law in various versions with extensive hand-edits and handwritten insertions. 


Part 3 - 84 pages, published story, “The Devil Makes the Law” in Unknown, September 1940.



Published in Unknown, September 1940 as AThe Devil Makes the Law@ and collected into Waldo & Magic, Inc. (1950)]; Included in Fantasies of Robert A. Heinlein. Tor Books 2002 compilation. Other Anthology appearances in Three By Heinlein (Doubleday, 1965) and The Golden Road (ed. Damon Knight, Simon & Schuster, 1973).


Notes: Alternate title: “Devil Makes the Law”

OPUS 015 - Magic, Inc.

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