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Title: Sixth Column - Novel

Written: July-August 1940    Pages: 315



File contains 13 pages of notes for “All” (a title of “Sixth Column). Two page typewritten alternative beginning to “Sixth Column”. 12 pages partial manuscript. 4 pages synopsis to precede part 2 of story. 67 page manuscript, with minimal edits, of part 1 of story. 1 pages synopsis of part 1. 66 page manuscript of second installment (minimal edits). 49 page third installment of story (minimal edits). 55 pages of story segments to be inserted into manuscript at various places. Published story in Astounding, by Anson MacDonald, January 1941.



Serialized in Astounding SF in January, February, March 1941 as by AAnson MacDonald@; expanded to ca. 55,000 words in 1947 for Gnome Press publication in 1948. In 1949 NAL/Signet issued the expanded version in paperback under the title The Day After Tomorrow]


Notes: Alternate title: “The Day After Tomorrow”from a verbal outline by John Campbell of his novella "All"

OPUS 018 - Sixth Column

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