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Title: Solution Unsatisfactory - Novelette

Written: December 1940    Pages: 116



File contains submission notes for “Solution Unsatisfactory”. Several pages of handwritten and typewritten notes on story and characters. Two newspaper clippings of research subject matter. Typewritten manuscript titled “Foreign Policy”. Published story in Astounding, May 1941 by Anson MacDonald.



published Astounding SF, May 1941 as by AAnson MacDonald@; anthologized several times after WWII but not collected until The Worlds of Robert A. Heinlein (1965) and its expansion into Expanded Universe(1980)]; Off The Main Sequence: The Other Science Fiction of Robert Heinlein(ed. Andrew Wheeler; introductions by Greg Bear and Michael Cassutt: SFBC, October 2005). Other Anthology appearances: Future Tense (ed. Richard Curtis, Dell, 1968)


Notes: Alternate title: Foreign Policy

OPUS 022 - Solution Unsatisfactory

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