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Title: We Also Walk Dogs - Novelette

Written: December 1940    Pages: 82



File contains newspaper (research) article for “We Also Walk Dogs”. Typewritten manuscript with minimal hand-edits. Published story in Astounding, July 1941, by Anson MacDonald.



Collected in The Green Hills of Earth (1950) and carried forward to The Past Through Tomorrow (1967), even though the story is incompatible with the Future History]. Anthology Appearance in: The Robert Heinlein Omnibus(Sidgwick & Jackson/SFBC, 1958); A Robert Heinlein Omnibus (Sidgwick & Jackson, 1966); Modern Masterpieces of Science Fiction (ed. Sam Moskowitz, World, 1965); The Vortex Blasters (ed. Sam Moskowitz, MacFadden-Bartell, 1965).


Notes: Cross reference Opus 111

OPUS 023 - We Also Walk Dogs

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