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Title: We Also Walk Dogs - Novel

Written: February-March 1941    Pages: 817



Part 1, 246 pages, contains typewritten notes for “The Shadow of Death: Longevity” (Methuselah’s Children). Typewritten notes for “Peril in the Spaceways OR Who Shot the Baby?????”. Four pages typewritten outline for story (that varies from the published version). Seven handwritten pages of calculations for story (on back of scratch paper). 217 pages of typewritten manuscript draft with numerous hand-edits (this portion ends as the ship arrives back at Earth’s solar system). 


Part 2, 254 pages, contains typewritten manuscript titled “---While the Evil Days Come Not” at 211 pages, minimal edits, ending seems somewhat different that the published version though ends at approximately the same place. Five excerpted pages from the Jockaira section. One page list of revisions from RAH to Campbell. 15 page typewritten synopsis of “Evil Days”. Four pages of typewritten revisions. Three pages typewritten synopsis of third installment of “Methuselah’s Children”. 


Part 3, 317 pages, contains 50 pages of incomplete manuscript (starts at page 240). Complete manuscript, 264 pages, with minimal edits.



Published in Astounding SF in July, August, September 1941; expanded in 1948 to 72,000 word harcover publication for Shasta which was delayed until 1958 and eventually brought out by Gnome Press (without copyright information)


Notes: Alternate title: When the Evil Days Come Not

OPUS 024ve - Methuselah’s Children

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