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Title: Goldfish Bowl - Novelette

Written: July-August 1941    Pages: 86



File contains submission notes for “Goldfish Bowl”. Two pages of what looks like address and map to a voting precinct (many files contain material written on the back of precinct volunteer instructions). 46 page typewritten manuscript of “Creation Took Eight Days” by Anson MacDonald, labeled “original version”. Handwritten page with story word count. Typewritten manuscript for “Goldfish Bowl” (title handwritten in) by “Anson MacDonald or Caleb Saunders”, notation on manuscript says “Revisions made to editorial request”—scattered pages, incomplete manuscript. Published story in Astounding, March 1942.  



Astounding SF March 1942 as by AAnson MacDonald@; collected in The Menace From Earth (1959)]. Other Anthology appearances:  Apeman, Spaceman (ed. Leon Stover and Harry Harrison, Doubleday, 1968); First Contact (ed. Damon Knight, Pinnacle, 1971); Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow . . .  (ed. Bonnie L. Heintz, Frank Herbert, Donald A. Joos & Jane Agorn McFGee, Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1974); Off The Main Sequence:  The Other Science Fiction of Robert Heinlein (ed. Andrew Wheeler; introductions by Greg Bear and Michael Cassutt:  SFBC, October 2005).



OPUS 028ve - Goldfish Bowl

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