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Title: Beyond This Horizon - Novel

Written: October-December 1941    Pages: 742



Part 1, 111 pages, contains notecard saying how long it took RAH to write “Beyond this Horizon” (40,000 words in 10 days, 9000 in the last sitting). 8 pages of typed and handwritten notes for “Problem Child”. Typewritten manuscript for “False Dawn” by Anson MacDonald with “Problem Child” handwritten in as title—2 first pages only. Handwritten page with chapter titles. Published story in Astounding, April 1942, by Anson MacDonald. 


Part 2, 319 pages, contains typewritten manuscript for “‘Utopia’ Means ‘Nowhere’” by Anson MacDonald, title replaced with “Beyond This Horizon”, a few hand-edits, notation pages 262-267 missing, otherwise appears complete. Notecard saying “rejected pages”: 12 pages follow this.


Part 3, 312 pages, full typewritten manuscript of story.



Astounding SF in April, May 1942; published in hardcovers by Fantasy Press in 1948; Gregg Press reissued Beyond This Horizon with a new Introduction by Norman Spinrad in 1981


Notes: Problem Child, Utopia Means Nowhere

OPUS 029ve - Beyond This Horizon

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