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Title: Waldo - Novel

Written: February 1942    Pages: 305



File contains 68 pages of research articles on the “Waldo” theme (one autographed by the author, Marvin Minsky, to RAH). Typewritten manuscript of “Waldo” by Anson MacDonald (only about 10 pages—ends with classic typewriter test, “Now is the time for all good men…”). Several more starts to the story, one titled “Weakling” with some hand-edits, no complete copies. Published story in Astounding, August 1942.



Astounding SF, August 1942, as by Anson MacDonald; collected in Waldo & Magic. Inc. (1950); Included in Fantasies of Robert A. Heinlein. Tor Books 2002 compilation.  Anthology Appearance in A Treasury of Great Science Fiction, Vol. 1 (ed. Anthony Boucher, Doubleday, 1959).


Notes: Alternate title: When the Evil Days Come Not

OPUS 031ve - Waldo

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