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Title: Rocketship Galileo - Novel

Written: January-March 1946    Pages: 403



Part 1, 152 pages, contains 1 pages typewritten character synopses for “Rocketship Gallileo”. Hand-drawn diagram of planetary orbits and movements. 5 pages of handwritten notes for story including a very long list of possible titles. Handwritten title and dedication pages for “The Conquest of the Moon”. Typewritten synopsis for “The Young Atomic Engineers or The Secret Behind the Moon” by MacDonald Hyde. Typewritten manuscript—out-of-order pages—with extensive hand-edits, goes up to page 115. 


Part 2, 251 pages, contains letter from Scribner’s saying they’re returning some manuscript pages to RAH. Typewritten manuscript—complete 258 pages—with some hand-edits throughout.



Published by Charles Scribner's Sons., 1947, Issued by SFBook Club in 2005 as part of Four Frontiers.


Notes: Alternate titles: The Young Atomic Engineers, The Secret Behind the Moon, The Planet Next Door, The Conquest of the Moon.

OPUS 042ve - Rocketship Galileo

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