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Title: Green Hills of Earth - Short Story

Written: August 1946    Pages: 212



File contains 12 notecards, handwritten, about “Green Hills of Earth”. Numerous pages of handwritten drafts of the songs/poems used in the story (different from the published), one in German, more pages labeled ‘final’ versions that still have numerous edits. A typewritten note by RAH about the story “Green Hills of Earth”, it’s meaning and development. Several more notecards. Several typewritten drafts of the manuscript, and parts of the manuscript, all with numerous hand-edits. Newspaper clipping with RAH correcting a report that he had been a naval aviator. Magazine article about RAH and the story, includes a photo of RAH, Leslyn and one of their cats. Numerous pages of fan letters about the story, many including variations on the song/poem verses. Published story in Saturday Evening Post. Script of “Green Hills of Earth” adapted for radio by Cynthia Wilmot. “The Green Hills of Earth” sheetmusic. Program notes for “Green Hills of Earth”. Correspondence about album, including Virginia Heinlein warning about people attempting to change the verses. Letter from Leonard Nimoy thanking Mr. Heinlein for his “kind note”.



The Saturday Evening Post February 8, 1947; collected into The Green Hills of Earth and Other Stories (1951)and thence into The Past Through Tomorrow(1967)]. Other Anthology appearances:  Strange Ports of Call (ed. August Derleth, Pellegrini Cudahy, 1948); Invasion from Mars (ed. Orson Welles, Dell, 1949); My Best Science Fiction Story (ed. Leo Marguiles and Oscar J. Friend, Merlin Press, 1949); The Robert Heinlein Omnibus (Sidgwick & Jackson/SFBC, 1958); Post Reader of Fantasy and Science Fiction (ed. Anon, Doubleday, 1964); A Robert Heinlein Omnibus (Sidgwick & Jackson, 1966); Science Fiction:  The Future (ed. Dick Allen, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1971); Speculations (ed. Thomas E. Sanders, Glencoe Press, 1973); The Best of Robert Heinlein (Sidgwick & Jackson, 1973); Looking Back on Tomorrow (ed. John Osborne & David Paskow, Addison-Wesley, 1974); In Dreams Awake, (ed. Leslie A. Fiedler, Dell, 1975). 



OPUS 048 - Green Hills of Earth

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