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Title: Space Jockey - Short Story

Written: October 1946    Pages: 117



File contains typewritten 1st draft manuscript for “A Man Must Work” (Space Jockey). Another manuscript draft titled “Space Jockey”. Manuscript draft labeled ‘final’, multiple titles. Letter pointing out a technical error in the story, to which RAH writes on the letter “He’s wrong as hell.” Published story in Saturday Evening Post, May 26, 1947.



The Saturday Evening Post, April l26, 1947 and collected into The Green Hills of Earth and Other Stories (1951) and carried forward to The Past Through Tomorrow (1967)]. Other Anthology appearances:  The Robert Heinlein Omnibus (Sidgwick & Jackson/SFBC, 1958); A Robert Heinlein Omnibus (Sidgwick & Jackson, 1966).


Notes: Alternate titles: A Man Must Work, For Men Must Work, Space Pilot

OPUS 049 - Space Jockey

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