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Title: Black Pits of Luna - Short Story

Written: April - May 1947    Pages: 156



File contains 16 pages of notecards. 3 pages of synopsis notes for story titled “Boy In the Moon”. Draft titled “Little Boy Lost”. Three more drafts of manuscript. Letter from publisher followed by apparently publisher-edited draft with handwritten notation saying “356 sentences changed out of 456! God!”. Published story in Saturday Evening Post, January 10, 1948. Other published versions.



The Saturday Evening Post, January 10, 1948, and collected into The Green Hills of Earth and Other Stories (1951); Other anthology appearances: Possible Worlds of Science Fiction (ed. Groff Conklin, Vanguard Press 1951); Science Fiction and Reader's Guide (ed. Marjorie Barrows, Spencer Press, 1954); Stories of Scientific Imagination (ed. Joseph Gallant, Oxford Book Co. 1954); The Robert Heinlein Omnibus (Sidgwick & Jackson/SFBC, 1958); A Robert Heinlein Omnibus (Sidgwick & Jackson, 1966); Tomorrow’s Worlds (ed. Robert Silverberg, Meredith 1969).


Notes: Working and submission title: Little Boy Lost; alternative working title: The Boy in the Moon.

OPUS 053ve - Black Pits of Luna

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