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Title: Red Planet - Novel/Script - Stage Play

Written: January-April 1949    Pages: 442



Part 1, 57 pages, contains 10 notecards with notes about story. Transcript of what looks like a radio play or presentation (partly scripted story but with mentions of panel discussions). Exchange of letters between RAH and Robert Richardson about atmosphere and conditions on Mars, followed by pages of notes and calculations.


Part 2, 256 pages, contains manuscript of novel with numerous hand-edits. Most notable is the ending goes two pages past the point where the published novel stops (ending not significantly changed, however). 


Part 3, 129 pages, contains correspondence concerning a play adaptation of “Red Planet” by Minta Meier. Script of the play adaptation



Published by Charles Scribner’s Sons in 1949 without a serial release; Issued by SFBook Club in 2005 as part of Four Frontiers.



OPUS 069ve - Red Planet

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