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Title: Nothing Ever Happens On the Moon - Anthology

Written: April 1949    Pages: 148



File contains preface to Man Who Sold the Moon collection, several versions/copies. Manuscript of story, “The Man Who Sold the Moon”. Correspondence with IBM concerning their use of an excerpt of story in a management training program. Cover of story collection autographed by artist. 



The collection was contracted for in April 1949 and assembled on April 19, 1949; published by Shasta Press in 1950; subsequent paperback editions are in three versions: in one Signet edition, The Campbell introduction, Life-Line and Blowups Happen are omitted, and Let There Be Light is in its edited (bowdlerized) magazine version. The collection was republished in 1992 by Baen Books in the original six-story version, but has a new bowdlerized version of Let There Be Light, updated to the 1960's with a comparison to Marilyn Monroe.


Notes: Preface carried forward to The Robert Heinlein Omnibus and A Robert Heinlein OmnibusCollection of Future History stories including: Introduction by John W. Campbell, Jr.; Preface by Heinlein titled “It Does Not Pay a Prophet To Be Too Specific” after an epigraph by L. Sprague de Camp; Life-Line; Let There Be Light (in a revised version closer to his draft than to the published magazine version but changing a comparison from Sally Rand to Betty Grable); The Roads Must Roll; Blowups Happen; The Man Who Sold the Moon; and Requiem.

OPUS 072 - The Man Who Sold the Moon and Other Stories

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