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Title: Pandora's Box - Article

Written: September 1949 – January 1950    Pages: 111



File contains three manuscript drafts, two with extensive hand-edits. A few manuscript pages of other edits. Letter from Cosmopolitan suggesting changes. Letters to and from research/interview subjects. Handwritten notes. Manuscript draft with edits. Published article in Science Digest, October 1952.



Written on assignment for Cosmopolitan in September 1949 and January 1950 as “Pandora’s Box: The Dawning Age of Science”; rejected but then published as “Where to?” in Galaxy Science Fiction in February 1952; a condensed version was published as “Life in 2000 a.d.” in Science Digest, October 1952; original version was expanded and updated for collection into The Worlds of Robert A. Heinlein(1965) and again for collection into Expanded Universe (1980). It was released to Destinies bookazine in Summer 1980 as part of the splash for Expanded Universe and reprinted in Turning Points:  Essays on the Art of Science Fiction (ed. Damon Knight, Harper & Row, 1977); All About the Future (ed. Martin H. Greenberg, Gnome, 1955).


Notes:  3900 words, expanded in 1965 and again in 1980 to 15,100 words.

OPUS 079ve - Pandora's Box

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