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Title: Project Nightmare - Short Story

Written: November-December 1951   Pages: 195



File contains synopsis titled “Nightmare Race”. Four pages labeled ‘discarded opening’. Five versions of manuscript, the first, second, and fourth having extensive hand-edits.



Amazing Stories April-May 1953); collected into The Menace From Earth (1959); also adapted by Heinlein for television as Op. 107, though the script was not preserved; Other Anthology appearances: 14 Great Tales of ESP (ed. Idella Purnell Stone, Fawcett Gold Medal, 1969); Off The Main Sequence:  The OtherScience Fiction of Robert Heinlein (ed. Andrew Wheeler; introductions by Greg Bear and Michael Cassutt:  SFBC, October 2005).


Notes: Alternate title: Nightmare Race.

OPUS 091 - Project Nightmare

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