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Title: The Rolling Stones - Short Story

Written: November-December 1951   Pages: 439



Part 1, 247 pages, contains draft of manuscript with few edits.

Part 2, 165 pages, contains notes, outlines, and space flight calculations for “The Rolling Stones,” titled “The Unheavenly Twins”. Scattered manuscript pages. Page 102 starts the script for Star Trek’s “The Trouble With Tribbles”.



Condensed for serial publication in Boys Life Magazine as “Tramp Space Ship” see Op. 094; published in 1952 by Charles Scribner’s Sons; the British edition was published as Space Family Stone; Issued by SFBook Club in 2004 as part of To the Stars.


Notes: Alternate title: The Unheavenly Twins, Tramp Space Ship, Space Family Stone. Cross reference Opus 094

OPUS 092 - The Rolling Stones

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