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Title: The Unheavenly Twins - The Rolling Stones - Novelette

Written: 1952   Pages: 439



Part 1, 85 pages, contains published versions titled “Tramp Space Ship”.

Part 2, 327 pages, contains manuscript labeled ‘short serial version’ of “The Unheavenly Twins” with extensive edits and black-ink cross-outs. Second manuscript has numerous edits; ends with Hazel holding her breath.



Published as “Tramp Space Ship” in Boys’ Life Magazine in September, October, November, December 1952 and never reprinted.


Notes: Reduced version of The Rolling Stonesalternate title: Tramp Space Ship"The Unheavenly Twins"--RAH’s preferred title. Cross referenced in Opus 092.

OPUS 094 - The Unheavenly Twins - The Rolling Stones

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