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Title: This I Believe - Speech

Written: May 1952   Pages: 19



File contains newspaper published version, acceptance letters for radio broadcast and letters explaining technical needs, program for radio program, 2 manuscript copies, the second with extensive hand-edits.




Notes: Heinlein was nominated, then invited to appear on this new Edward R. Murrow radio program This I Believe by the President and General Manager of the local Colorado Springs affiliate KVOR, who had been alotted appearances for local figures for the 3:30 minute slot; written May 1952 and taped by KVOR for national distribution; first broadcast as Script no. 26, December 1, 1952; the program then aired several times on 169 affiliates, typically once, twice, or three times in each of three time slots, morning, afternoon, and evening, and was then forgotten until Virginia Heinlein remembered it and read it at the posthumous presentation of the Distinguished Public Service medial to Robert Heinlein in October 1988. It has since been multiply reprinted both as a handout and in magazine venues.

OPUS 095 - This I Believe

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