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Title: Ray Guns and Rocketships - Article

Written: August 1952   Pages: 70



File contains published version in Bulletin of The School Library Association of California. Another published copy. Typewritten manuscript copy that’s very hard to read (probably a carbon).



Written for the Bulletin of the School Library Association of California, where it was published in the November 1952 issue at 4,000 words. Alice Dalgliesh, Heinlein’s juvenile editor at Scribner’s, liked it so well that she asked to be permitted to submit it to Library Journal, who then published it in a truncated form, at about 2250 words, without the entire first section of the article, in July 1953; the 2250 word version was collected into Expanded Universe (1980).



OPUS 096ve - Ray Guns and Rocketships

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