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Title: Project Moonbase - Script/Screenplay

Written: October 1952   Pages: 306



File contains 3 script pages. Poster for Project Moonbase. Ad material for Project Moonbase. Script titled “Ring Around the Moon” (3 copies). Script titled “Project Moonbase” (2). V.O. opening. Some more script pages (incomplete). 



Released in 1953.


Notes: Alternate title “Patterned Opening” Patterned Opening was a television series proposal, set in a “futuristic schoolhouse”, co-written with Jack Seaman. It was never produced as a television series because Project Moonbase was made into a feature film. Jack Seaman, producer of The World Beyond for Planet Pictures (television) took the pilot script for his Galaxy Pictures film production company, added some scenes to flesh out the time (64 pages), and released it in 1953 (Directed by Richard Talmadge) to capitalize on the sf movie boom that had been kicked off by Destination Moon. The television series was not thereafter picked up.

OPUS 100ve - Project Moonbase

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