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Title: Starman Jones/Novel

Written: January 1953   Pages: 681



Part 1, 325 pages, contains draft of “Starman Jones” (with other titles including “Starship” and “Starship Asgard”) with numerous edits.

Part 2, 287 pages, contains manuscript with only technical edits.

Part 3, 68 pages, contains a play script for “Starman Jones” by Douglas L. Lieberman. Play program from Goodman Theatre, Chicago, IL, 1971.



Published in 1953 by Scribner’s with no prior serialization; Issued by SFBook Club in 2004 as part of To the Stars.


Notes: Includes play script for “Starman Jones” by Douglas L. Lieberman From a note about a historical event, changed to a science fiction situation: “2 kids rich & erratic, took off in sail boat, picked up by China Clipper; 2 yrs; mutiny, sickness, one came back in command . . . This actually happened in XIXth Cent. RAH.”

OPUS 116ve - Starman Jones

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