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Title: Revolt in 2100/If This Goes On/Novel

Written: 1953   Pages: 551



Part 1, 23 pages, contains preface for “If This Goes On” titled “Concerning Stories Never Written”. Henry Kuttner intro to RAH.

Part 2, 205 pages, manuscript, no edits.

Part 3, 323 pages, preface and manuscript(s) with numerous hand-edits.



Collection assembled June 1953; “If This Goes On --” was revised and expanded from ca. 33 000 to ca. 55,000 words. The title was suggested by one of the editors, and no one was ever able to reconstruct why; published by Shasta Press in 1953; materials incorporated into The Past Through Tomorrow in 1967. After this collection, tension with his publisher escalated until Heinlein broke off relations entirely and the Future History series publication was never completed.


Notes: Alternate titles: “If This Goes On”, “Concerning Stories Never Written” Contents: “If This Goes On --,” “Misfit,” and “Coventry,” as well as an introduction by Henry Kuttner titled “The Innocent Eye: An Introduction” and a Postcript by Heinlein titled “Concerning Stories Never Written: Postscript,” which discusses three titles on the Future History chart which were not written: “The Sound of His Wings,” dealing with the rise of Nehemiah Scudder, “Eclipse,” dealing with the revolts of Venus and Mars and the temporary cessation of spaceflight, and “The Stone Pillow,” which deals with the rise of the Cabal against the Prophet.

OPUS 117ve - Revolt in 2100/If This Goes On

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