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Title: Stranger In a Strange Land (parts 5 - 8) /Novel

Written: 1949-1961   Pages: 848



This File Contains Parts 5 thru 8

Part 5, 188 pages, shows the mss being cut down page by page, word by word. Notes with counts of words cut per chapter. Beginning of mss with cuts, to page 150.

Part 6, 201 pages, mss with cuts, pages 151 to 350.

Part 7, 235 pages, mss with cuts, pages 351 to 584.

Part 8, 224 pages, mss with cuts, pages 585 to end, page 805.




Notes: Includes first published version and original uncut version working titles: The Martian Named Smith, The Man From Mars and The Heretic.

OPUS 121Bve - Stranger In a Strange Land

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