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Title: Have Spacesuit – Will Travel - Novel

Written: August 1958   Pages: 725



Part 1, 260 pages, contains notes and calculations related to story. Scattered mss pages. First draft mss to mss page 221.

Part 2, 150 pages, continues first draft mss pages 222 to end.

Part 3, 161 pages, contains mss draft labeled “final cutting” to page 159, with extensive edits and cross-outs.

Part 4, 154 pages, continues “final cutting” mss draft, pages 160 to end, with extensive edits and cross-outs. Drawing at end of file by Betty Schulman, 1974.



Serialized in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction in August, September, October 1958; published in boards by Scribner’s 1958.



OPUS 130 - Have Spacesuit – Will Travel

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