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Title: Who Are the Heirs of Patrick Henry? - Article

Written: April 1958  Pages: 6



File contains a note to the typist, and the published clipping of the article.



Published in Colorado Springs Gazette-Telegraph 12, 13, 18 April 1958 and then in various other venues around the country; reprinted in Expanded Universe (1980).


Notes: Newspaper advertisement, full page. NOTE: 03-21-2012 - We have reprocessed the images in this file to a higher resolution to make them more readable, but the text of the article in the clipping is still only marginally readable, and the article, itself, is cut off. Cross reference: CORR305-01, CORR305-02: Correspondence files related to the publication of "Who Are the Heirs of Patrick Henry?"

OPUS 131 - Who Are the Heirs of Patrick Henry?

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