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Title:  Podkayne of Mars - Novel

Written:  November 1962   Pages: 455



Part 1, 230 pages, contains notes on story, with list of other possible titles. Some scattered revised pages. Manuscript draft (originally written ending, Poddy dies) with numerous hand-edits and cross-outs.

Part 2, 225 pages, contains manuscript with the original as-published ending (Poddy lives) and only technical edits.



Magazine publication in Worlds of If in November 1962 and January and March 1963; published by G.P. Putnam’s Sons in 1963. The ending was changed at insistence of editors, agent, and wife; the original ending, a few pages, is given in Grumbles from the Grave, and some post 1990 paperback editions print both endings.


Notes:  Working title: Podkayne Fries: Her Life and Times

OPUS 140ve - Podkayne of Mars

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