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Title: XXII Century - Script

Written: September -November 1963    Pages: 1197



Part 1, 62 pages, contains handwritten notes and notecards for story.

Part 2, 131 pages, contains proposal for television series (2 copies), appendixes with extensive description of the future history, styles, and conditions of this future world.

Part 3, 93 pages, contains correspondence surrounding the script and television series proposal including length arguments concerning changes to the script and storyline.

Part 4, 247 pages, contains two copies of the script, the first with extensive hand-edits throughout. 

Part 5, 337 pages, contains out-of-order pages of script with many notes and edits. Two copies of script.

Part 6, 327 pages, contains two drafts of script, first with question notes, the second with extensive hand-edits and cross-outs.



First draft written in Colorado Springs from September to November 1963; at least three major revisions from December 1963 to March 1964, in Hollywood from January 1934, for Howie Horwitz and Bill Dozier for Screen Gems and then shelved during a corporate reorganization of Screen Gems


Notes: Alternate titles “The Double Gambit”, “The Man Who Wasn’t There”Television Series Proposal, Bible (37 pp.) and M.O.W. Screenplay for Pilot The Adventure of the Man Who Wasn't There based on "Gulf," in several versions, ranging from 141 pp. to 91 pp.

OPUS 149 - XXII Century

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