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Title:  The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress (Part 1) - Novel

Written:  December thru April 1966     Pages: 229



Part 1, 228 pages, contains notes for the story. Pages 56-57 are an article about “Moon” by Sharon Presley. Pages 58-87 are calculations of orbits, etc. Pages 88-107 are articles and pamphlets about the Libertarian Party and its founding. Pages 108-124 are typewritten notes for story. First draft of manuscript, titled “That Thinkum Dinkum” and “The Brass Cannon”, to manuscript page 99 with extensive hand-edits.



Serialized in [Worlds of] If magazine in December 1965, January, February, March, April 1966; published by Putnam=s in 1966.  Won the Hugo Award for Best Novel of 1966].  An excerpt was published in Inside Information (ed. Abbe Mowshowitz, Addison-Wesley, 1977, and another excerpt titled AThat Dinkum Thinkum@ was published in Computers, Computers, Computers (ed. Dennie L. Van Tassel, London, NEL, 1977.)


Notes: Cross refrenced: based on a minor incident in the backstory for Century XXII. Working title(s): Wyoming Schmidt, The Brass Cannon, That Dinkum Thinkum, One Way Trip, The Stone Axe, The Brass Cannon: Being the Personal Memoir of Manuel Garcia O=Kelly Davis, Freeman, concerning the Lunar Rebellion: a True History

OPUS 152A - The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress (Part 1)

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