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Title:  I Will Fear No Evil (parts 21-23) - Article/Interview

Written:  June-September 1969     Pages: 665



Part 1, 156 pages, contains letter from Frank M. Robinson saying Playboy had contacted him for an interview with RAH, the impetus being their having seen Heinlein’s moon-landing appearance with Cronkite. One page statement by RAH about human future (necessity of) in space. Letter from Robinson with interview questions and topic areas. Letter from Playboy confirming $2000 payment to be made to Edward H. White III Memorial Youth Center Fund.  Numerous letters back and forth about article, including list of edits from Ginny, further from RAH (with a reluctant criticism of Kubrick, private aside about Ginny curing his cataracts with riboflavin and postponement of abdominal surgery). Letter from Robinson from 1974 regretting the way the Playboy interview experience ultimately went. Last 55 pages of this file are mainly notes and notecards by RAH for interview.

Part 2, 173 pages, contains raw transcription of interview.

Part 3, 154 pages, contains transcript of interview.

Part 4, 95 pages, first part contains 73 pages final draft of interview. Last 19 pages of file are a First Proof copy of the 1972 publication of the interview (cut down from full interview) published in Oui.



December 1972 issue of Oui, never republished


Notes: Playboy Interview (Frank Robinson) Playboy donated at RAH’s request $2,000 to the [Astronaut Ed] White Youth Center fund in lieu of fee for the interview. Robinson gave him a raw transcription which was edited extensively by both Heinleins and submitted by Robinson in September 1969 at 73 manuscript pages, and it was scheduled for the May 1970 issue. But the editor at Playboy wanted him to comment on the Manson matter and he refused to do so (he was also deathly ill at the time). Two years later, in September 1972, Robinson cut the interview to appear in Oui magazine; the editors cut it further, to about 5,000 words. It appeared in the December 1972 issue of Oui and has never been reprinted.

OPUS 160ve - Playboy (Oui) Interview

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