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Title: Poetry Center Speech

Written:  1974    Pages: 5



This “Poetry Center Speech” opus doesn’t contain the actual speech—there’s a notation saying a manuscript copy may never have existed—but does contain a rather bizarre narrative about the speech events in which the (unstated) author describes RAH’s speech and an encounter with Alexei Panshin (or someone, the writer says, may have been pretending to by Panshin). Then the writer goes on to claim that “the Heinlein” was not really RAH at all but an actor (as in Double Star) pretending to be Heinlein as the real Heinlein would never say his writing was just “entertainment” or written just for money.



Speech presented 29 May 1974 at the Poetry Center in New York City. Archives contents contain a 5 page discussion from various people about the speech, not the speech itself


Notes: Apparently, from descriptions of the event, no manuscript ever existed; the speech was given impromptu.

OPUS 168 - Poetry Center Speech

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