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Title: Analysis: Untitled - Article

Written:  1975  Pages: 4



pus card reads: Opus #172 criticism 2000 wds, ca. No fee. 6-9 Mar 1975 reading, analysis & coaching criticism of bk MS My Three-Ring Circus & Kangaroo In the Kitchen -- Pat Wilson, secy Auck. Zool. Park, Auckland 2, New Zealand. 10 Mar 75 MS, artwork, & analysis, with recommendations re U.S. market airmailed registered to N.Z. Postage $16.65 -- no safety cc of art.



Apparently no copy of this criticism was preserved unless it can be found in the 1975 correspondence files (restricted).


Notes: There are no manuscript materials for this file in the Robert A. Heinlein Archives.

OPUS 172ve- Analysis: Untitled

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